An hour or so at school

Arrived at the school with the cool morning wind
Hot coffee and parking spaces
a nearly finished madlib
that last random word, expertly placed

Welcome, peace
Think and wonder
Imagine Laugh and ask

We talk about the possibilities and connecting the dots
The stars could be constellations of your choosing
If you can just...make it so
The bell rings as if to put her statement in bold letters

She gets it

and we break like the dj dropped the beat
Footsteps flood like the echoes of youth in the city

Ask, wonder Critique and reshape

The Hallway fades
And Dj Day blends in a voice

His situation
Her's too
And their's is in every school

They're edging him out
cornering him through the door
"you want me to leave, you're just trying to take the easy way out"

 And they do...and they are.


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