Warning Shot from Heidi Barton Stink's upcoming 'A Charming Gut'


So here we are, at the cusp of an incredible release: Heidi Barton Stink's debut full length release, 'A Charming Gut, Produced by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE'. We are so proud of it. It's gorgeous. It's rugged. It's razorsharp, funky, and on point! I've gotta say, it might be the best thing either of us has produced to date. This is the warning shot. Get Ready. Pre-order the album here.

"Radical-trans-activist-queer-liberation-MC Heidi Barton Stink's full-length debut album, "A Charming Gut," will be released on May 15, 2012. This track, featuring See More Perspective (who also produced the entire album) and Guante, serves as an appetizer. An anthem for people who give a f***, "Won't Let Ya Slide" foreshadows the tone and content of the upcoming LP: funky, funny and heartfelt. Download the track for free, and watch out for more previews, videos and promo for "A Charming Gut" coming soon!"

EDIT: Here's another single to wet your appetite.

The release party is coming up, check out the details here and rsvp to let us know how much cake to bring.


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