Huge Announcement!!

My people,

As you may recall, I asked many of you (via Facebook) to think of me for a day, because something big was on the horizon and I was just about to hear back...on like 3 separate occasions. I want you to know that it was not in vain!!! I am so proud to announce that, thanks to the good people of Intermedia Arts, I've been awarded a 2012 Verve Grant for Spoken Word!!!

The VERVE grant program is designed for emerging artists who are ready to achieve their next level of artistic success, and who are interested in developing their abilities to become artistic leaders in their communities. In addition to their grant award, recipients will also participate in a 12-month cohort program that provides community, mentorship, guidance, workshops, and resources throughout the program year. 

Sounds cool, right? It's awesome. I can't wait to see my project come to life. And there's some very cool people involved. I'm looking forward to building with them as well.

I'm going to be creating new works of Spoken Word Poetry that explore different cultural traditions, folks tales/tall tales, and dreams, connecting to my growth as an artist and as a human being. These new works will be documented on my blog here and recorded onto a new album of Poetry that I will duplicate and bring with me to Europe in December! I'm currently connecting with artists and venues there to see what performances we can plan for. If you know anyone in London, Paris or Rome, feel free to give me/them a shout! I'd love to connect with your people there.

Stay tuned, this is going to start picking up pace like whoah.

Thanks and Love,


A Look at The Subtlety of White Privilige in Literature and World Culture

A while back I was having a conversation about good books. I was telling this woman how I didn't quite dig the opening for this excellent collection of short stories by Mexican Authors, most of which had never been published in English. I mentioned that he said some things that made it feel like he didn't really have a connection to the culture, these authors, their works or genre. She asked if it was because he was racist. I answered "maybe?". 

I don't think I would have talked about it in that way, but she kind of assumed how I might talk about an issue like this. Unfortunate, because without closing me off in that way and putting me in a box, we actually could have had a much more meaningful conversation...

Anyway, she said that white people almost have to try harder to prove themselves in situations like that, and while I agree that there needs to be some forethought to what you're saying as a white man introducing stories of a genre and culture with which you obviously do not participate in, I don't think there's an "unfairness" in that, as she was implying. 

I think that you need to be thoughtful, sensitive and probably learn a good deal about what you're talking about, before talking like an expert about something that's still new to you. Is that something that people of other traditions have to do to contribute to White American culture? Hell yes. Are the people of color expected to bend over backwards and assimilate to White American culture just to fit in? If you could bet on it 24/7 you would be the richest of the 1% (wait a minute...there might be something to that). Are people of color and alternate traditions so easily allowed to assume expertise about things that are new to us? Hell no. Is it a privilege that, as a white, mainstream American, someone can assume and impose an interpretation on a culture or its traditions? I'm afraid so.

It's also a privilege to call people who question these things too quick to "pull the race card". To assume that they're wrong. After all, racism is a power dynamic and privilege is one of the outcomes of that dynamic. There is people who hold power over others. Politically, socially, and Econimically. That privilege is asserted every time they get the benefit of the doubt. As in this circumstance, the benefit of the doubt that this man (me) is an angry person of color, hastily pulling the race card because he doesn't like white people - as well as the benefit of the doubt that an unknown white author (I didn't remember his name and she didn't seem to recognize his work) has to work harder than any author of color in that situation (introducing a book by people of color) because of the unfairness of angry, white-people-haters like me.

This is the language of oppression, of privilege, and it has been created as something subtle so that it can survive. If people had to say, "I think you're worng because your brown" and "I have inherited a sense of entitlement because of the way that our racist country has raised me", it would be hard to argue with the truth. Instead, well meaning, everyday people assume they're in the right about things they don't understand because of what we are taught in this country on the most basic level: That some people are better than others. It's in the schools, it's in the neighborhoods and outlet malls. It's on TV and in our books. Most people don't consiusly believe that some people are better than others of course, but they also don't understand it and how these themes play out in the world around them, nor how their ignorance on the issue contributes to it.

The only way to arm yourself against this nefarious subconcious American and Human phenomona, is to learn. There is classes, books and people to talk to all over who are not enraged, white-people-haters, spewing everything they can just to hurt and demean you because they "don't have it good". Talk to these people, learn from these books and courses and make the world that much better.

Thanks and Love for reading and thinking,


New EP Release - FALL FORWARD, Plus New Album Announcement

Here it is folks, I've been dropping hints at this for a few weeks and it's finally arrived. My ode to Autumn in the Midwest and to change everywhere. Check out the write up and link below, and above anything, PLEASE LISTEN. It's free, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a whole hell of a lot more than what I'm offering it for. I just want you to have it. I want you to hear it. You can pay for the next album :)
Which leads me to a very important point: THIS EP IS A PRECURSOR TO NEXT YEAR'S FULL LENGTH, 'JAWS OF LIFE'. Serebellum One produced both the upcoming album and the EP. This brisk collection of songs is an example of what we can do together. 'JAWS OF LIFE' is in post production, and it already sounds INCREDIBLE. More to come on that. For now, enjoy this free download with alternate album artwork.

Fresh off producing Heidi Barton Stink’s “A Charming Gut,” penning a knockout guest-verse on Guante & Big Cats’ “You Better Weaponize,” performing in numerous Hip Hop Against Homophobia shows around MN and collaborating with Dameun Strange as the Halloween-flavored geek-pop duo Strange Perspective, Twin Cities MC and producer SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE is set to release two new solo projects, starting with the EP “Fall Forward.”

A collaboration with producer Serebellum One (who has worked with Slug of Atmosphere, I Self Devine, Eyedea, Gene Poole, Unicus of Kanser and other Twin Cities hip hop luminaries), “Fall Forward” is an EP about Autumn: a time of transition, a time for accepting and consciously creating internal, social and political change. A head-nodding tribute to the season, the songs are as much spiritual as they are political, with the smart-ass edge and boundless humanism that has made SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE one of the most underrated artists in a community full of them. “Fall Forward” represents the organic progress of an artist always striving to push boundaries while still paying tribute to the culture’s roots, a smart, community-minded voice refusing to follow trends or stand idly by while wackness and mediocrity flourish.

New Music - I Put A Spell On You


WARNING: This track does have magical powers. Without the right protection, you may be subject to it's influence. Any averse affects caused by the release of this sound into the atmosphere are the sole responsibility of the listener. SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE and the BOOMBOX EMPORIUM will not be held responsible for any, hauntings, possessions, time travel or inexhaustible willingness to download and share tracks or any other supernatural phenomena.

I've always loved this song. Whether it was Screamin' Jay Hawkins howlin' with a skull in one hand and a cigarette in the other, Nina Simone or Creedence Clear Water Revival, I...LOVE...THIS...PIECE.

Edit: Here's a video of Dameun Strange and I performing this for our Halloween Extravaganza a couple Halloweens ago for our Strange Perspective project, The Lost Souls Boys Choir. It was a lot of fun and I really wanted to get a solid recording of this. Especially since I hadn't achieved what I hoped for the last time around. If nothing else, this is a step in the right direction. I may spend my life trying to get it right, but I'll have a hell of a time doing it. No pun intended. The musicians featured with Dameun and I in this video are Kahlil Brewington, Bryan Berry and Christopher Cox.

In other news, I have some big announcements coming up, so stay tuned. I should be posting about two or three big projects in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading and listening,