Strange Perspective's 'Ultimate Weapon'

Here's the newest from the FREE and new music series, 'SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE's Boombox Emporium'  This one's a gift from me and my good friend and collaborator Dameun Strange. It's from the upcoming 'Diary of a Droid' which we plan on finishing this spring and releasing later this year!

The follow up to 'Strange Perspective and the Lost Soul's Boy's Choir in Jazz Funeral', is a sci-fi opus of boom bap electronica, rugged and thought provoking dance music, mango sweet melodies, and sharp, gritty philosophical lyricism. 'Ultimate Weapon' is the second song to emerge from the upcoming 'Diary of a Droid'. The first is 'Nobody Sleeps Tonight', also available for free download from The Boombox Emporium (in volume one).

This song emerged from a concept that Dameun pitched about how the most powerful weapon that could ever be would actually bring people together. It's a story of this droid's exploration of consciousness and decision to live for something greater than itself. This droid literally goes through the process day in and day out of creating the ultimate weapon out of itself. Working into it's own consciousness, it's own memory, circuits and spirituality to build the ultimate weapon from the inside out.

So Grateful (a capella)

Having just booked the Amplified Life Showcase 3, I was asked if there was a video I'd like to use for promo. I paused. I did a google search and realized a lof of those vids are pretty old and what's more, that I'm sitting on some pretty ill video from a couple of different shows as well as a brand new joint for Frank Lloyd Wright which you can listen to here...I have lots of new music up and around, but the video, while there's plenty of vids to watch, is very behind.

So I did what any self respecting artist would do. I recorded a home video of an a capella to submit for promotion.

I hope you diggit.

You can find the official version this song

My Ten Hip Hop Commendments

I just found this...out of a notebook circa 2000...
it's kind of a dead mc scrolls kind of thing,
and it makes me very happy.
I'm proud to say I've followed these goals faithfully.
I hope they inspire you.
  1. Affect everyone and anyone who comes into contact with me or my music in a positive way (whether they realize it or not).
  2. Never be careless.
  3. Always Be Honest.
  4. Grow every time I create.
  5. Learn from everything.
  6. Create works of integrity independently.
  7. Make music that's equal parts important and interesting both lyrically and musically.
  8. Collaborate with as many like minded artists as possible.
  9. Have fun, rock shows, blow minds.
  10. Never Stop.