The Current's 'Are You Local' non-winner shortlist and other updates

As you may have seen, a week or so back, I submitted to the Vita.MN 'Are You Local' contest
As I mentioned in an earier blog, I didn't make it, but the support was some what surprising and I swore that "they hadn't seen the last of us" ...Well, it turns out that was more true than I thought.Andrea Swensson from The Current put together a list of some of the groups that grabbed her attention, and guess who was on it! A few really cool groups...including your very own friendly neighborhood see more perspective. Its short and sweet, but so am I, and I very much appreciated the shout out. Check out that list here .

In addition, she linked to my newly updated website which has my my whole catalog in one place! There's much more photography and video coming too, so keep tabs on it in the coming days/weeks/etc.

Another quick update:
Last week's Hip Hop Against Homophobia was BEAUTIFUL! Yo, if you were not there you missed a lovely party with such a fun, engaged, dancin', hand-wavin' crowd. I LOVE Y'ALL!!! It was also recorded by Daniel Zamdow from KFAI for their 'Minneculture' show. I'm not sure when it'll air, but that will be a fun broadcast with performances by me, KaozDesdamona, Saul Goode (aka The Rube) of the BOOM BAP CLUB podcast, and guest poets Aimee Renaud and Wonder Dave.


Holla, whisper, text or what have you,