At long last, the final installment of the seasonal EP series is here! Yes, it's the EP for the Summer, and yes, it's late. Of course, I was busy living the inspiration for this joint working 24/7 with students from ALL OVER THE WORLD. To say the least, it was amazing. I had the privilege of working with students on social justice themes, current/global issues and of course hip hop and spoken word history/culture. I started in the middle of June and didn't make it back into the Twin Cities until the second week of August, essentially.

This album departs from the three EP's that came before it in this series by not thinking so much about summer as a whole but about a particular summer with specific people. On the other hand, this is by no means some insider's account what happened, made only for those who experienced what I did. However, what this album does do, is offer insight into the talent and intention that exists in the world, the power of uniting like minds, and the struggle of searching for who you are in a world that feels like it doesn't care. It's about the exceptional flowers that rise from so much toxic earth and shows how powerful those flowers can be.

In a way, this album offers a new perspective on the last three EP's and might just slightly change the way you think about the songs that have come before this collection. If nothing else, these beats bang and the lyrics invite your imagination to come out and play.

As the last of this series, this EP goes big and BAD. It's the perfect lead in to the full length LP 'JAWS OF LIFE', due later this year . Again, it shows off various styles that Serebe and I have to offer and gives you another glimpse of what to expect form our full length effort. Get excited. We sure as hell are. If you feel it, share it. You're the best PR I have, and god knows I need it! This is a completely independent release and I can't tell you how hard I've worked to bring you ANOTHER COMPLETELY FREE RELEASE. I hope you take advantage of this generosity in every way. I hope you love it as much as I do, and more than anything, I hope it speaks to you. I hope it offers you something. After all, everything I do, I do so that you can hear this music and feel something.

As always, thanks for reading and for listening.