Thoughts on Teaching; A Personal Reflection of 2009

In 2009, I learned a lot about teaching. This time last year I was teaching part time and every day of the week. I wasn’t just the cool artist coming in on a visit, but the actual “teacher” of a class and that, my friends, is much more difficult. I was using my tools of creativity to teach some basic computer skills and it was hard as hell! I learned that “buy in” is everything and that you truly need to achieve and re-achieve that everyday. Every. Day.

Every moment with my students was an obstacle course. Running this course of walls and traps set to protect a young mind from mis-education and disappointment was, to say the least, exhausting. It was also, for it’s challenges, enlightening. Being the teacher for a class of students every day during the school day made me a part of the establishment, whether I liked it or not. To many of the students, whatever I did and whoever I am, there was a cardboard cutout of all they have grown to despise about public education.

Personally, it was extraordinarily difficult to be seen as all that I have such disdain for in education. I needed to look deeply into myself to not only see beyond the grief this inspired, but to also see the parts of myself that do fit that mold of oppressor. Needless to say, this is scary, scary stuff…

Since then, I’ve practiced simultaneously having my guard up and being completely present. Learning to be a little tough with the class while showing my heart. Being forgiving while not “taking any shit” and to be as patient with myself as with the students.

'Breaks in the Clouds' cover art preview!

Here's the cover art to my upcoming beat tape release. A 'beat tape' is generally just a collection of beats to showcase what a given producer has in his or her vaults. A bunch of beats with no theme or message, other than "I'm a really talented producer".

While I've stayed true to that idea of the beat tape by opening the doors of my catalog and proving how wonderfully talented of a producer I am (wink/smile/sparkle), I couldn't help but to make something more of this collection of instrumental music.

The title is an inspired play on words. Breaks as in break beats, clouds as in the heavens above and overall, the idea that this music comes through me from a greater self, consciousness or plan. View it as you see fit.

I've written a formal introduction for the album so I won't go further into detail, instead let you take a look at the design and (hopefully) wonder what gems the album will hold :)
designed by yours truly:

Danger of the Single Story.

I'll start here. A video that resonated with me and the reasons for the name SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE. It's called 'Danger of the single Story' and it inspired the name of this blog.

The idea of the single story is this; If you have an experience, or even multiple experiences with someone of a certain culture or background, you develop a story for that person or culture. Believing this or these experiences to be the whole truth of a person or culture creates one, singular story for that person or culture. This sells them short, however true your experience may be, because there's always more to a person, situation or culture than is readily available to the eye.

Of course, in this video, Chimamanda Adichie explains this concept far more eloquently than I, so definitely watch it for yourself and hear her explain the idea through stories and experience. It's beautiful and sharp.

The single story can be dangerous in terms of culture and stereotyping but can also be dangerous in the way we view ourselves. If we limit the way we look at ourselves, the world, relationships, success, or progress for example, we limit the way we experience and digest those things. We limit learning opportunities in unlikely places. We limit ourselves and enriching experience.

With this, I urge you to SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE...and to swing by the blog from time to time. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you read something enriching or inspiring or are lead somewhere you didn't know about in thought or culture and share this message with those around you. I hope you come to my shows and buy my music :) Thanks for reading.

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