in no particular order:

don't assume that all americans celebrate christmas.

don't be offended when someone suggests that you might want to consider that not all americans celebrate christmas.

don't snort or sigh when you hear someone suggesting that not all americans celebrate christmas.

understand that there are many cultures and religions in america.

consider that it's not appropriate to flaunt christmas in public environments without any regard for others' holy days.

love christmas, celebrate how you see fit, but don't think that everyone has to celebrate with you.

don't confuse the term 'american' with the term 'christian' nor the term 'christmas' with the term 'american'.

New Music - Road Runner Physics featuring Guante and produced by G_Force/Calvin Valentine


Guante had this beat for years. I mean yeeeears. The guy who made this was like 16 when he made this...10 years ago. Since then, that producer has changed his name and is now known by both. That's how long it's been.

The producer in question was a born beatmaker. G_Force aka Calvin Valentine was making beats in the cradle. Since contributing to a number of beats in Guante's critically acclaimed 'Haunted Studio Apartment', he's been busy working with some pretty big names in underground hip hop, not least of all Planet Asia. His beats have been featured in MTV and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Anyway, Guante shared this beat with me on the road like 3 years back and I connected to it right away. We talked about some ideas, but nothing really materialized. Not too long ago we were getting some work done in the studio and this beat popped up again. The verses just happened. He had his raps from a couple different pieces he was playing around with and I made a tapestry of a verse from these status update rhymes that I put up on facebook. It was a fun challenge to make it all connect. He recorded his part and I just filled the rest in; wrote an intro, a hook and this expansive verse that's just everywhere at once.

I like the song structure because it's deceptively funky and unique. It starts with an 8 bar intro from me, goes into Guante's two 16's and finishes with 24 bars from me. It came together really nicely. It's one of our b-side favorites. We should make a mix called b-side bangers. This is just boombap hip hop at it's finest. Smart ass lyrics and hard, clever production. Play loud. Have fun with it.