'Land of the Sandpeople' Music Video; Produced by Nye, Featuring Guante

As promised…a little something to celebrate the coming of the new Star Wars.

Just in time for Episode 7, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE presents “Land of the Sandpeople”

While there’s no shortage of reference-dropping sci-fi-oriented rap out there, few MCs have been able to bridge an authentic love for geek culture with an authentic love for hip hop like SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE does on “Land of the Sandpeople.” Produced by Nye and featuring a guest verse from fellow hip hop vet Guante, the track samples the iconic music associated with the Tusken Raiders, creating a bone-snappingly percussive backdrop for See More and Guante to trade punchlines that would be venomous with or without the Star Wars references.

HUGE shout out to my brother Daniel Rangel aka, "Nye" for producing the music and the video!

Introducing 'Juan Cholo and The New Millennium'

Photo Credit: Ganzobean aka Ganzogram.

Having just arrived through a vibrational lens in an undiscovered Mayan temple, Juan Cholo and The New Millennium offer a blinding array of multiversal boom bap. They bring light for the ears, sound for the touch, and flavor for the spirit. This lyrical death blossom of funk-driven, electro-fused, and battle tested hip hop is here to jump start the infinite potential of your heartbeat. With an established  core of artists who've worked with the likes of Rhymesayers, Guante, Dessa, and their brothers from another universe; Moors Blackmon, these cats bring the best out of each other to create the crystal for the lightsaber of your sound system. Featuring Kahlil Brewington on drums, Ganzobean on sampling/synth duties, and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE on vocals, this powerhouse trio builds a laser-sharp-something larger than the sum of its parts to take your listening experience to light speed. Hold on to something. 

I put the band together (thanks to encouragement from Kevin Haebeom Vollmers), and even I didn't know what to expect, or how this group would click. All I can say is...YO. Come see us.

Catch our first performance December 19th at The Cedar for Rock4Love Battle of the Bands.

#YESYESYES SEX TAPE Two Night Album Extravganza Recap in Photos

"A TWO NIGHT celebration of healthy sexuality and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE’s latest album! Featuring song, dance, rap, poetry, visual art, live art, and at least sixteen kinds of sexiness. Come get down as artists explore the great get down through varied and responsible expressions of healthy sexuality, consent, feminism, and more. Curated by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE"

This two night event was smoother, better, and full of more love and energy than I could have even hoped for. Everyone brought their A-game, and both nights were so full of passion and talent, that it was amazing how fast it all went by. How could that much dope art be so succinct?? We performed to beautiful and generous crowds both nights in packed houses. I even got a standing ovation! I was obviously doing all new material and I was so heartened when I was encouraged to rock the pieces I was holding back on, and felt the love when I missed a beat on one I was still grappling with. All in all, it felt great and I couldn't have asked for a more fitting experience to usher in the new album. If you haven't, please check it out at the SEE-Site

I can not possibly offer enough thanks to the artists who made such a double event possible. Huge shouts to:

Chava Gabrielle 

Kenny Ngo

Moors Blackmon

Trung Lê Nguyễn 

Lisa MonaLisa Berman

Alicia Steele



QueenDrea Voice-Loopsneffects



Love Nocturnal



And of course so much Love to Mike Curran, Brave Crow, Sara Jo Lehrer, and Scott Artley at Patrick's Cabaret for helping things run so smoothley, and for always looking out for the crew and I.

Last but not least, a million thanks to Nicholas Shafer for snappin' pics Friday night! Check them out below. Much Love.