nobody sleeps tonight

New from the Boombox Emporium (a monthly free music series featuring brand new material and monster collaborations):



A lot of incredible and horrifying things happen every day all around the world. So much change, catastrophe, epiphany, joy...and despite the lull of the daily trudge, people do feel it. We dream of it, daydream about it or just stay up at night, wondering why we can't get to sleep. Maybe we get depressed and don't know why, maybe we misplace our frustrations...Something's wrong. Conversely, something electric is in the air. Excitement, wonder, nervous energy. There is opportunity; indeed, there is also despair. What will I focus on? how will I channel my feelings around it? How can I face tomorrow? How the hell am I going to get to sleep?

The latest from my collaboration with Dameun Strange, as Strange Perspective, doesn't necessarily answer these questions, but swims in them, as we often do when disaster strikes or we feel the rift of some unknown revelation uncoil beneath the surface. This is electronic, bass heavy, jungle style hip hop. It's hard and kinetic. It's also smooth, melodic and catchy. The concept lives in every snare, high hat, rhythm and cadence. It's frenetic and courses the listeners ears for answers, hope, a little peace and finds the people who give a damn.
ps- the artwork features photos from face book friends who sent in pictures of themselves not being able to sleep, and because of this, are immortalized. :)

pps- the art kinda looks like a curled up catepillar doesn't it?

Haiku series


Little know fact: I Love Haiku. Reading and/or writing. Here's a few I dug up for you to chew on.

waking up:

we met and slept some.
woke up from our nap like, "whoah!"
new insomniacs... 

Three about being genuine:

it's just so easy,
laugh in the face of a smile.
effortlessly share.

allow openess
and be rewarded with sky.
fall UP into chance.

without defenses,
sincere cuddles possible.
between them, a lasting bridge. 

for sleepers:

she awoke at dusk
as day lamented away.
his smiles became moons.

Two called offering:

realized sum'n.
any spark between us could
set the world ablaze.

if moment would hold
I could step inside and give
you the greatest gift.

on pleasing others:

can't do the right thing,
can't do the wrong thing either.
It works or doesn't.

on letting go:

Epiphany woke

as sun whispered through curtains,

"you just don't owe them".