Haiku series


Little know fact: I Love Haiku. Reading and/or writing. Here's a few I dug up for you to chew on.

waking up:

we met and slept some.
woke up from our nap like, "whoah!"
new insomniacs... 

Three about being genuine:

it's just so easy,
laugh in the face of a smile.
effortlessly share.

allow openess
and be rewarded with sky.
fall UP into chance.

without defenses,
sincere cuddles possible.
between them, a lasting bridge. 

for sleepers:

she awoke at dusk
as day lamented away.
his smiles became moons.

Two called offering:

realized sum'n.
any spark between us could
set the world ablaze.

if moment would hold
I could step inside and give
you the greatest gift.

on pleasing others:

can't do the right thing,
can't do the wrong thing either.
It works or doesn't.

on letting go:

Epiphany woke

as sun whispered through curtains,

"you just don't owe them".


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Very nice work. I would like to read more. :)

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