Back in the chi

How many times have I traveled 94 between the Twin Cities and Chicago? Too many to count...the second city just happens to be my second home and I've always been fond of the green expanse of Wisconsin with my lifes soundtrack bumpin the way I please... Cutting through the blues, greys, pink-oranges and black, my thoughts meander on those hash marks like mantras to the horizon. It's meditative and refreshing. My imagination fills the sky with worry, hope, frustration and pride.

Every winter, Orion stands guard in the sky, brazen; reminding me of the permanence of greatness. In summer, the wind speaks to me and sings over the speakers. Lightning of some distant storm stirs wonder. I've written notebooks of songs and verses on this road. Stories and rhymes as varied as the faces, feelings and situations I've experienced along the way. On the bus full of disgruntled and joyous strangers, a solitary car or with many friends and Lovers past.

With my wife now, a reminder of so much that is different and good, I remember...

Well, it's my turn to drive, so I gotta put down the blog. Just know that I love you Chicago and I'm excited to see your skyline again, sparkling with friendships I hope to see up close for a night, as I rock a show at the music lounge(new to me) with Phillip Morris, itchie fingers and more. Tonight. Doors at 9:30. Free before 11.


Anonymous said...

You inspire me to hop in my ride and go to Giordano's...I haven't been back since I visited you there back in 2004. Next time, take us with you...

Anonymous said... kind of just did... :)

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