SEX TAPE (but not)

The latest from the BOOMBOX EMPORIUM!! A Happy Valentines Day…as only the Boombox Emporium could wish for you.

Our Latest installment of “the B.E.” is yet another preview of great things to come. After peppering his debut solo album with beats from his brother Nye, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE is preparing to bring that partnership to the foreground with the funky, hilarious, and hard album ‘SEX TAPE’; a mash up of sexuality, humour, and badass Hip Hop.  Producer Nye brings back Boombap with a vengeance through rugged, dynamic textures and bizarre vocal samples in the tradition of Handsome Boy Modeling School and Dr. Octogon. SEE MORE’s flow’s are as rhythmic, sharp and thoughtful as ever while juggling sexual overtones, romantic impulses, laugh out loud rhyme schemes and socio-political commentary.
What makes this work unique is that it celebrates sexuality and doesn’t use it for shock value. The humor of the weird 70’s porn samples is used to disarm the listener while interjecting potent points of view on love, sex, relationships and politics in the flow of fun, sexy rap.
‘Quiet Love’ is the first step forward of this new, ecstatic collaboration. This song paints the picture of a couple in such attraction and in so much love that they let go of all care that they are indeed expecting guests. Even while the party begins in the front of their home (guests letting themselves in, making drinks and striking up conversation), this couple cannot peel away from one another.  The dirty, funny rhymes about getting it on belie the heart of this song, a sexual attraction so strong for the bond of two humans. Two humans opening up and letting it all go for the sake of their love, while trying to keep quiet just another minute longer…


Anonymous said...

We are gonna sneak attack on folks. They don't even know. When summer comes and people feel like moving their butts and nodding their will be all about this album. If not, at least there was the pure joy we had in making it - and sharing it with those we love. :)

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