Introducing 'Strange Perspective'

As you may have heard, I have a new group with the very talented Dameun Strange as 'Strange Perspective'. We're kicking off our new collaborative effort with a Halloween album in the tradition of 'Return to El Guante's Haunted Studio Apartment; remixed and re-imagined by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE'. While this new work is not a remix album I think we've successfully remixed and re-imagined ourselves and our music in new and inventive ways for one hell of a Halloween album that is sure to satisfy long after this Halloween has passed. It's called 'Strange Perspective and the Lost Souls Boys Choir in Jazz Funeral'. The album title is almost longer than the album. It's under 20 minutes, but I like to think it goes a lot of different places in that time and begs further listening. The new album will be released for FREE on October 26th, this year.

We have a show scheduled at Hell's Kitchen for October 30th to celebrate the new release and give us a reason to put on a hell of a show with incredible acts and artistry of all kinds. Mark you're calendar, its going to be amazing.

This video was hooked up by Daniel Rangel and Javier Cedillo.

Like my new group with Dameun Strange here:

and let us know if you're coming to the Jazz Funeral Halloween Extravaganza here:!/event.php?eid=127669530617206

Dameun and I premiered our new collaboration at Ghastof's a couple of weeks ago for their annual 'Spoutstock' cover song contest with guest judges of high esteem including a member 'Babe's in Toyland'. We won! Hopefully a good omen for things to come...

The song we covered that night is available for FREE here:

<a href="">Jack's Lament - Strange Perspective by Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records</a>


We also recently did an interview with Mike Walsh for the City Pages, which if all goes well, will come out October 27th.

Sorry to drop all that info into one blog, but it's been crazy busy and I had to take the chance to update on all the fun I'm having with 'Strange Perspective'.

All the best and thanks for reading,