NEW MUSIC/BIG RELEASE SHOW: "Unlike Anything, Ever"

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YES! it has been a long time coming...I know I've been releasing a lot of new music, but this is the big fish. Created last October/November in a maelstrom of writing and music production before a journey to Europe (hundreds of CD's in tow), this is my first ever album of spoken-word poetry. It's almost time to feast your ears on what folks in London, Paris and Rome got hip to over the new year.

Full of music, atmosphere, and imagination, this album is quite possibly my best work to date. It listens more like a grand piece of art than a poetry CD...I promise you one thing, it's not what you might expect.

The release show will be a multimedia arts experience is not one you'll want to miss. Check out the press release below!


September 2nd, 2013


On Friday, September 13, Twin Cities hip hop artist, poet, activist and educator SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE will release his new spoken-word album, “The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes.”

The album, made possible with funds provided by the VERVE grant, intentionally breaks from the current wave of Twin Cities slam poets, forgoing the highly structured, sometimes formulaic, narratives associated with the form for a more musical, less regimented approach. Equal parts mythic and working-class, intimately detailed and big-picture-conscious, the project is See More’s first spoken-word project in a long history of quality musical releases.

As a producer and as a writer, See More’s influences color his work in subtle and surprising ways. Indeed, perhaps the best way to wrap your head around this project (aside from just listening to it, of course), is to read the acknowledgments/thank yous:

“To Rumi and Hemmingway, Miyazaki, Kurasawa, DJ Shadow, Neruda, Castaneda, Pharaoh Sanders, Guillermo Del Toro, comic books, MN weather, quality food and drink, late night conversations on rooftops, undiscovered life forms, and you."

The first in a series of shows tagged with the “Super Heroes of Sound presents” label, the event promises to continue the tradition of See More throwing shows that are multidisciplinary, multigenerational, artistically compelling and just straight-up fun. It promises to be a one-of-a-kind event.

Show details:

Super Heroes of Sound presents: THE COSMOS ACCORDING TO YOUR CLOSED EYES CD release show

Friday, September 13 at Intermedia Arts in MPLS: • SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE • Dameun Strange leading an ensemble of Twin Cities musicians to back poets Sha Cage, e.g. bailey, Guante, Tish Jones and Lisa Marie Brimmer. • Hip hop from STRANGERS (Dem Atlas & Tyler Nelson) • Live video mixing from Nye/Daniel Rangel (Coloring Time, Get Cryphy, etc.) • Paintings from Veronica Napoli inspired by the album

7pm | $10 | All Ages



At long last, the final installment of the seasonal EP series is here! Yes, it's the EP for the Summer, and yes, it's late. Of course, I was busy living the inspiration for this joint working 24/7 with students from ALL OVER THE WORLD. To say the least, it was amazing. I had the privilege of working with students on social justice themes, current/global issues and of course hip hop and spoken word history/culture. I started in the middle of June and didn't make it back into the Twin Cities until the second week of August, essentially.

This album departs from the three EP's that came before it in this series by not thinking so much about summer as a whole but about a particular summer with specific people. On the other hand, this is by no means some insider's account what happened, made only for those who experienced what I did. However, what this album does do, is offer insight into the talent and intention that exists in the world, the power of uniting like minds, and the struggle of searching for who you are in a world that feels like it doesn't care. It's about the exceptional flowers that rise from so much toxic earth and shows how powerful those flowers can be.

In a way, this album offers a new perspective on the last three EP's and might just slightly change the way you think about the songs that have come before this collection. If nothing else, these beats bang and the lyrics invite your imagination to come out and play.

As the last of this series, this EP goes big and BAD. It's the perfect lead in to the full length LP 'JAWS OF LIFE', due later this year . Again, it shows off various styles that Serebe and I have to offer and gives you another glimpse of what to expect form our full length effort. Get excited. We sure as hell are. If you feel it, share it. You're the best PR I have, and god knows I need it! This is a completely independent release and I can't tell you how hard I've worked to bring you ANOTHER COMPLETELY FREE RELEASE. I hope you take advantage of this generosity in every way. I hope you love it as much as I do, and more than anything, I hope it speaks to you. I hope it offers you something. After all, everything I do, I do so that you can hear this music and feel something.

As always, thanks for reading and for listening.


New Music Announcement: 'Food For Thaw' Spring EP

First of all, to match the spring vibes of uplifting change, MN has been DOING IT this past week and it looks like we're about to MAKE HISTORY by standing up for Marriage Equality (edit: since writing this blog, we have of course MADE HISTORY!!!). Mayor Chris Coleman actually renamed the Wabasha St. Bridge this week ( from 4.13.13-4.17) to The Wabasha St. Freedom to Marry Bridge. AWESOME. I wish they'd just keep the new name forever. You should really see it. It's beautiful. It really is an incredible time to be a Minnesotan, particularly in its capital city of Saint Paul...

If you've been following me at all since last fall, you probably know about this series of EPs I'm releasing that represent each of our four seasons. It started last year with 'FALL FORWARD', continued with 'BRAIN FREEZE' and is picking back up now with 'FOOD FOR THAW', which is being self released next Tuesday, May 21st.

It's droppin later than I would have liked, but obviously Spring had a late start here in MN. It's been important for me to write these EPs during the times and experiences that I reference in the songs. I couldn't start writing the spring album when it was still in the 20's and 30's with severe winter storm warnings coming every few days or so...So, needless to say, I've been writing and recording furiously over the last week or so while choosing beats, taking a TON of pictures to document the season and really just trying to be outside as much as possible to take it all in.

I have to say, this is my favorite of the EPs to date. I'm so excited for you to hear this. I really want to know how it hits people. So when it drops, feel free to drop me a line to say how or if you dig it. And if you do enjoy it, please share, retweet and link to it wherever possible (feel free to spread around the pic below, too). Your support makes a HUGE impact for indie artists such as myself. Nothing will ever beat it, and I appreciate you for it. Also, these EPs are FREE (or pay what you can), as a gift to you for all your support, so it's really win/win.

Check out the previous EPs at

Thanks and Love!

The Current's 'Are You Local' non-winner shortlist and other updates

As you may have seen, a week or so back, I submitted to the Vita.MN 'Are You Local' contest
As I mentioned in an earier blog, I didn't make it, but the support was some what surprising and I swore that "they hadn't seen the last of us" ...Well, it turns out that was more true than I thought.Andrea Swensson from The Current put together a list of some of the groups that grabbed her attention, and guess who was on it! A few really cool groups...including your very own friendly neighborhood see more perspective. Its short and sweet, but so am I, and I very much appreciated the shout out. Check out that list here .

In addition, she linked to my newly updated website which has my my whole catalog in one place! There's much more photography and video coming too, so keep tabs on it in the coming days/weeks/etc.

Another quick update:
Last week's Hip Hop Against Homophobia was BEAUTIFUL! Yo, if you were not there you missed a lovely party with such a fun, engaged, dancin', hand-wavin' crowd. I LOVE Y'ALL!!! It was also recorded by Daniel Zamdow from KFAI for their 'Minneculture' show. I'm not sure when it'll air, but that will be a fun broadcast with performances by me, KaozDesdamona, Saul Goode (aka The Rube) of the BOOM BAP CLUB podcast, and guest poets Aimee Renaud and Wonder Dave.


Holla, whisper, text or what have you,


The Longest End of Year Transition (with two inhalers)

Much Love everyone,

I have lots of updates but I'll try to keep it brief and post links for the curious lot in the group. I'll blog more thoroughly about some of these in the coming days, etc. This is just to get a bunch of info out that is pertinent now.

1. 'The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes'

In the month and a half or so I had between receiving a VERVE Grant for Spoken Word and heading to Europe, I  wrote, recorded and put music to new works of poetry for that grant project (on top of creating the design and getting everything to the duplicator in time for the trip!). I'm currently planning the "US Release" for May. The release party will be at full of live music, crazy video and a choice line up of sweet guest artists. If you can't wait, I'm toting around some pre-sales. Be the coolest kid on your block and pick one up!

1.5. That trip to London, Paris and Rome was beautiful.
I have over 5,000 pictures from three (and a half) cities over 17 days in Europe... I played with street musicians, had random rap cyphers with strangers in the streets and had the chance to build with some wonderful and extremely talented poets. Will be posting pics, blogging about it and writing about the monuments/experiences soon.

2. We beat BOTH Referendums!!! (obviously) That was amazing...and very tense on that day of voting. Everyone of those Hip Hop Against Homophobia Shows through October and "NO"vember were excellent with such lovely audiences. If you're not familiar with HHAH, check out this link. If you'd like to bring a show to your campus or whatever, feel free to get in touch. 

2 1/2. More HIP HOP AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA. Hit me up for discounted tickets to this weekend's show:

3. I made a run at this local contest through the www.Vita.Mn for a spot at SXSW. I didn't get it, but I have to THANK ALL OF YOU who represented and put a vote in for me because the support was kind of astounding and truly encouraging. You have no idea what that means to me as an independent artist. They haven't seen the last of us...Check out the NEW SONG (another preview of the upcoming full length) that I posted with my submission here:

4.'JAWS OF LIFE' LP updateMy new solo full length album is practically ready for its release later this year! It's produced by Serebellum One, who's worked with Twin Cities Hip Hop Luminaries such as Slug (of Atmosphere), Eyedea, I Self Devine, among others. (and it's being done COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTLY). I'm picking the best of these upcoming EP's (all produced by Serebellum) to round it off and perfect the flow of it, but yeah. It's sick. Healthy, but sick. More here:

NEW EP 'BRAIN FREEZE'After finishing the last EP (FALL FORWARD), creating new work for a forth coming Spoken Word release, and the trip to Europe, I returned home to just be flattened out by sickness (and put on 5 different medications, including two separate inhalers), During that ridiculousness, I even went out daily to search for the Winter Carnival Medallion in -35 weather...SO I decided to KEEP WORKING, haha. I've decided to craft a series of EP's of and for each season. This is about the truest tribute to any season you could hear. If you listen close you can literally hear me wheezing in the background. I am still wheezing!

I'm writing, performing and taking photos for these EP's over one to two weeks of every season, through this coming summer before I release the full length 'JAWS OF LIFE'. Its free (for now) and comes with a bunch of alternate artwork from the thousands of pictures I took of our beautiful winter landscape. I think you'll find that this music accompanies our Minnesota Winters perfectly. Please accept this free download as a gift and by all means, let me know what you think:

Always feel free to spread the word, share links to whomever you'd like and definitely to hit me with a message about what you're up to. I'd sincerely love to hear about it. Again, everything I'm doing is completely independent, so any bit of support means everything. Every "like" on facebook, "follow" on twitter or soundcloud, every download, comment, etc. I'm one of the hardest working artists out here, so trust that any love you offer will never go to waste and will always be reciprocated. At least until I'm wildly famous...Then of course I'll have walls enough to ignore the whole world.
but until then...

Thanks and Blessings,


Edits: The forthcoming album, 'JAWS OF LIFE' has been pushed back but is currently in post production. Stay tuned for re;ease info as it unrolls.

Help me get to SXSW (Last day to help!)

Peace everyone! Its the last day of voting for this Vitmn 'Are You Local' contest to get a chance to play at SXSW this year! With a little (or a lot) of help from my friends, I could have a real shot at this. All I need is a couple of clicks (quite literally) from folks who love me, believe me and/or enjoy what I do. To make it a little more enticing, I posted a BRAND NEW SONG on th evoting site, so you can check it out and let me know what you think by casting a vote my way. I sincerely appreciate all of oyour love and suuport and I'll see that it doesn't go unrequited or in vain. I'm working hard out here to make the best art I can possibly make and I don't for one second take you for granted in that process.

Thanks and Love,


What I do...

This is Boombap from the stars at the pyramids. A dance party with indigineous kings, quantum phyisicists, and your little cousins. These are lyrics that school, uplift and capture the imagination. They reprimand wackness. This is the love story between heritage and irreverance, the make out session between education and rebellion. A fist fight between what is and whats possible. A heavy blow from sound logic upon hateful ignorance. Love over fear. SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE