New Music Announcement: 'Food For Thaw' Spring EP

First of all, to match the spring vibes of uplifting change, MN has been DOING IT this past week and it looks like we're about to MAKE HISTORY by standing up for Marriage Equality (edit: since writing this blog, we have of course MADE HISTORY!!!). Mayor Chris Coleman actually renamed the Wabasha St. Bridge this week ( from 4.13.13-4.17) to The Wabasha St. Freedom to Marry Bridge. AWESOME. I wish they'd just keep the new name forever. You should really see it. It's beautiful. It really is an incredible time to be a Minnesotan, particularly in its capital city of Saint Paul...

If you've been following me at all since last fall, you probably know about this series of EPs I'm releasing that represent each of our four seasons. It started last year with 'FALL FORWARD', continued with 'BRAIN FREEZE' and is picking back up now with 'FOOD FOR THAW', which is being self released next Tuesday, May 21st.

It's droppin later than I would have liked, but obviously Spring had a late start here in MN. It's been important for me to write these EPs during the times and experiences that I reference in the songs. I couldn't start writing the spring album when it was still in the 20's and 30's with severe winter storm warnings coming every few days or so...So, needless to say, I've been writing and recording furiously over the last week or so while choosing beats, taking a TON of pictures to document the season and really just trying to be outside as much as possible to take it all in.

I have to say, this is my favorite of the EPs to date. I'm so excited for you to hear this. I really want to know how it hits people. So when it drops, feel free to drop me a line to say how or if you dig it. And if you do enjoy it, please share, retweet and link to it wherever possible (feel free to spread around the pic below, too). Your support makes a HUGE impact for indie artists such as myself. Nothing will ever beat it, and I appreciate you for it. Also, these EPs are FREE (or pay what you can), as a gift to you for all your support, so it's really win/win.

Check out the previous EPs at

Thanks and Love!


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