This was a live show classic for some time in Chicago a while back with my good friend Insight. We went by ESP (because that's what you get when you combine insight and seeing more perspective). It was expertly produced by his best friend King (who also produced What's Up from the First Impression ep). We had it floating around the city and net for a bit, but it's finally finding a good home with the Boombox Emporium. It's about the struggle and the things that make it worth while. It's about stepping back from the frustrations and appreciating what's really important. I hope you diggit.


New Interview

I just came across this and thought I'd share.

A while ago, I sat down, took a walk and talked and with my brother Daniel Rangel and our friend Javier F. Cedillo. They cut it together for a project in the works they call Interview Twin Cities. Enjoy!

Interview Twin Cities from Daniel Rangel on Vimeo.

Another Halloween, another ridiculous (ly awesome) Halloween show.

The show went beautifully!

Patrick's staff was excellent, as always, and many thanks go out to Nate Rockswold for rockswoldin' the sound for the night, and to Arturo Miles and Sara Jo Lehrer for all the hats they wear to keep things on point. It was a great night folks, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

Our back drop of Halloween ambiance consisted of Professor Oscar and his Sideshow Oddities, The Rube on the wheels of steel and my brother Daniel Rangel at the video-mixing helm. The vibe was right throughout the evening with righteous beats and stunning (and eerie) visuals. Also in the house adding to the Halloween ambiance was Professor Oscar and his Sideshow Oddities; A Perfect addition to the drama of it all.

Poets Lewis Mundt, Lisa Brimmer and Guante all read excellent pieces to warm up the dark for the coming ghouls and ghosts...

Then it was time for Dameun and I to do our thing as 'Strange Perspective' featuring our guest drummer and excellent friend Kahlil Brewington. It felt so good to perform our album 'Strange Perspective and The Lost Souls Boys Choir in Jazz Funeral'. It had a great feel with live keys and drum machine...I think the most powerful was our rendition of 'Jack's Lament' from Tim Burton's 'Nightmare Before Christmas'.

And the dance!!! If there was such thing as a "game ball" for this type of event, I'd have to give it to Erin Sheppard who, with the help of some very talented friends, choreographed and performed dance pieces to everyone one of our songs. It was everything I had hope it would be when I initially asked her if she was interested in contributing to this year's Halloween show. In fact, it was even better than I had hoped. I'll look forward to more collaboration with Erin and her cohorts in the future!

Last but not least, our screening of Murnau's Silent Film Classic 'Nosferatu' with a new soundtrack by myself and Dameun Strange as 'Strange Perspective'. It was so exciting to see the lights drop as we all scurried into our seats for the opening of the film. I was glad to see how people took the film lightly and laughed at the cues we accentuated with music where we found humor in the scenes; and to feel the crowd following the sense of intensity as that picked up as well. It took so much work and many tireless hours to triumph over some what of a rugged path to get there, but we did it and it looks and sounds gorgeous. It was so fun to see it from a projector with big, great sound at Patrick's.

I'm considering posting the film soon, and we might even put it on DVD and make that available at shows. I'll definitely be posting video footage captured by my man Javier F. Cedillo who documented the evening, so look out for that!

A thousand thanks to all the folks who contributed and came out. It couldn't have happened without you.

Thanks for reading, listening and supporting original, thoughtful and painstakingly crafted art,