The Longest End of Year Transition (with two inhalers)

Much Love everyone,

I have lots of updates but I'll try to keep it brief and post links for the curious lot in the group. I'll blog more thoroughly about some of these in the coming days, etc. This is just to get a bunch of info out that is pertinent now.

1. 'The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes'

In the month and a half or so I had between receiving a VERVE Grant for Spoken Word and heading to Europe, I  wrote, recorded and put music to new works of poetry for that grant project (on top of creating the design and getting everything to the duplicator in time for the trip!). I'm currently planning the "US Release" for May. The release party will be at full of live music, crazy video and a choice line up of sweet guest artists. If you can't wait, I'm toting around some pre-sales. Be the coolest kid on your block and pick one up!

1.5. That trip to London, Paris and Rome was beautiful.
I have over 5,000 pictures from three (and a half) cities over 17 days in Europe... I played with street musicians, had random rap cyphers with strangers in the streets and had the chance to build with some wonderful and extremely talented poets. Will be posting pics, blogging about it and writing about the monuments/experiences soon.

2. We beat BOTH Referendums!!! (obviously) That was amazing...and very tense on that day of voting. Everyone of those Hip Hop Against Homophobia Shows through October and "NO"vember were excellent with such lovely audiences. If you're not familiar with HHAH, check out this link. If you'd like to bring a show to your campus or whatever, feel free to get in touch. 

2 1/2. More HIP HOP AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA. Hit me up for discounted tickets to this weekend's show:

3. I made a run at this local contest through the www.Vita.Mn for a spot at SXSW. I didn't get it, but I have to THANK ALL OF YOU who represented and put a vote in for me because the support was kind of astounding and truly encouraging. You have no idea what that means to me as an independent artist. They haven't seen the last of us...Check out the NEW SONG (another preview of the upcoming full length) that I posted with my submission here:

4.'JAWS OF LIFE' LP updateMy new solo full length album is practically ready for its release later this year! It's produced by Serebellum One, who's worked with Twin Cities Hip Hop Luminaries such as Slug (of Atmosphere), Eyedea, I Self Devine, among others. (and it's being done COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTLY). I'm picking the best of these upcoming EP's (all produced by Serebellum) to round it off and perfect the flow of it, but yeah. It's sick. Healthy, but sick. More here:

NEW EP 'BRAIN FREEZE'After finishing the last EP (FALL FORWARD), creating new work for a forth coming Spoken Word release, and the trip to Europe, I returned home to just be flattened out by sickness (and put on 5 different medications, including two separate inhalers), During that ridiculousness, I even went out daily to search for the Winter Carnival Medallion in -35 weather...SO I decided to KEEP WORKING, haha. I've decided to craft a series of EP's of and for each season. This is about the truest tribute to any season you could hear. If you listen close you can literally hear me wheezing in the background. I am still wheezing!

I'm writing, performing and taking photos for these EP's over one to two weeks of every season, through this coming summer before I release the full length 'JAWS OF LIFE'. Its free (for now) and comes with a bunch of alternate artwork from the thousands of pictures I took of our beautiful winter landscape. I think you'll find that this music accompanies our Minnesota Winters perfectly. Please accept this free download as a gift and by all means, let me know what you think:

Always feel free to spread the word, share links to whomever you'd like and definitely to hit me with a message about what you're up to. I'd sincerely love to hear about it. Again, everything I'm doing is completely independent, so any bit of support means everything. Every "like" on facebook, "follow" on twitter or soundcloud, every download, comment, etc. I'm one of the hardest working artists out here, so trust that any love you offer will never go to waste and will always be reciprocated. At least until I'm wildly famous...Then of course I'll have walls enough to ignore the whole world.
but until then...

Thanks and Blessings,


Edits: The forthcoming album, 'JAWS OF LIFE' has been pushed back but is currently in post production. Stay tuned for re;ease info as it unrolls.


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