'Breaks in the Clouds' cover art preview!

Here's the cover art to my upcoming beat tape release. A 'beat tape' is generally just a collection of beats to showcase what a given producer has in his or her vaults. A bunch of beats with no theme or message, other than "I'm a really talented producer".

While I've stayed true to that idea of the beat tape by opening the doors of my catalog and proving how wonderfully talented of a producer I am (wink/smile/sparkle), I couldn't help but to make something more of this collection of instrumental music.

The title is an inspired play on words. Breaks as in break beats, clouds as in the heavens above and overall, the idea that this music comes through me from a greater self, consciousness or plan. View it as you see fit.

I've written a formal introduction for the album so I won't go further into detail, instead let you take a look at the design and (hopefully) wonder what gems the album will hold :)
designed by yours truly:


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Love the design man.

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