New Interview with the Boom Bap Club

As I was blessed to visit South West MN State a few weeks ago, the opportunity arose to kick with a cohort in true school hip hop, The Rube aka Saul Goode aka Dave Kelsey-Basset. He and his homies Oak Groove and Paul Dunyon host a really fun and cool podcast by the name of The Boom Bap Club. It's funny and informative, thoughtful and chalk full of bangin' tunes.

We got together and talked into the wee hours, exploring everything from new, old and upcoming projects to my influences as an artist, to periods of of my life and growth as an artist to artistic approach and process. We even got into comparing how the 'Impeach the President' break beat was used in a Wu Tang song, a Digable Planets joint and a super old Paul C cut (among so many others)!

It was a great time and the product is a two hour extravaganza interview complete with new tunes, leaks and songs that have inspired me throughout the years.

It's fresh, download/listen to this:
The Boom Bap Club featuring SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

Thanks and Love!!


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