trading remixes for liner notes

About a month and a half ago, my old friend and gifted Breakbeat Poet, Playwright and Hip Hop head Idris Goodwin agreed to honor me by writing the liner notes for my upcoming solo full-length debut 'Architextual Design'. I in turn, agreed to remix a song of his from his latest album, 'Break Beat Poems'.

A touch later than we had planned, we've fulfilled our agreements and he has a new and (if I do say so) excellent remix and I have stellar and insightful liner notes.

Idris g is in the process of gathering instrumentals for a new ep of both remixes and new material, which promises to be full of bangers and surprises... stay tuned at for news about this and other fine releases, shows and  goings ons. Make sure you listen to his new album!

Meanwhile, I'm plotting the release of 'Architextual Design' with Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records for this fall. The music is finalized, the design is nearly complete and we're biding our time to make our move...

More about the building of 'Architextual Design' to come!


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