Introduction to 'Breaks in The Clouds'

In any aspect of life, there seems to always be a blanket of something we struggle through. For the (so called) average person it may be the mundania of the day to day or political and socio-economic fences that depress and oppress. In art it may be a lack of inspiration or opportunity to be seen or heard.

The title of this album came to me on the verge of sleep, in those precious moments where you dream without quite encountering slumber and the conscious mind, meandering as it may, is still vigorously active. I jumped out of bed to write down the thought that came to me. After all, I’ve lost enough ideas under the weight of the ending day, waking only to the idea that I had a great idea…and didn’t write it down.

The story of how it came to me may be a microcosm of the whole idea itself. The break though. The moment of inspiration. Recognition. Fortification. Love. Light breaking through clouds at just the right time to speak to you, direct and anonymous as you wake, drive, work, cook, clean or even dream. A moment of clarity as it were...over a breakbeat.

This new collection of instrumentals I plan to release in volumes (starting here with my best two feet forward) is a series of moments that break through. Depending on the timing, these breaks can be both light and dark and you’ll find a mix of moody, dark pieces along with lighter and hopefully more inspiring pieces. The effect may be a sort of bi-polar track listing, but isn’t that just like life? The ebb and flow of our routine, struggle, progress and finally, breakthrough?

This is my so called beat tape. A concept album in volumes. A never ending story. So much for the simple one off to release something for the hell of it before my full length drops at the end of the summer.

So it goes.

Thanks for listening,


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