"Breaks in the Clouds", a Conceptual Beat Tape


 Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records presents BREAKS IN THE CLOUDS
MC and producer’s first beat tape is a psychedelic musical narrative

“Spitting classical flows with a quick angry tongue over crisp beats, it was hard to digest but I’d be ready to hear him again any day.” – City Pages
“Hip-hop and spooky graveyard fog find a surprisingly tight chemistry…” – A.V. Club Madison
“(See More Perspective) is a voice of this generation.” – Rich Albertoni (Madison’s Isthmus)
Like the other artists on the Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records roster (Sha Cage, e.g. bailey, Guante, Truthmaze, etc.) See More Perspective wears a lot of hats.  A teacher, a rapper, a drummer, a beatboxer and even a cook, See More is ready to show the world his talent as a producer with his first full-length beat tape, BREAKS IN THE CLOUDS.
Winner of the “Best Producer” award at the 2009 Urban Griots Awards, See More has worked with some of the brightest talents from the Twin Cities, Chicago (his home for nearly a decade) and beyond.  This beat compilation collects some of his favorite productions—some full-on instrumental arrangements, some rap songs stripped of their vocals, and some wild experiments thrown in for good measure.
The result is a psychedelic gumbo of styles and flavors.  These aren’t sped-up soul samples, generic club bangers or DJ Premier knock-off beats.  These are the products of a producer who has developed a real musical personality of his own and isn’t afraid to let it shine through.
“This new collection of instrumentals is a series of moments that break through,” See More says.  “Depending on the timing, these breaks can be both light and dark and you’ll find a mix of moody, dark pieces along with lighter and hopefully more inspiring pieces.  The effect may be a sort of bi-polar track listing, but isn’t that just like life?  The ebb and flow of our routine, struggle, progress and finally, breakthrough?”
See More Perspective will be releasing his debut full-length as a rapper, “Architextual Design,” later this year.  And if this beat tape is any indication, it’s going to be something pretty special—fearless, progressive and forward-thinking.
“The break though,” See More says.  “The moment of inspiration.  Recognition.  Fortification.  Love.  Light breaking through clouds at just the right time to speak to you, direct and anonymous, as you wake, drive, work, cook, clean or even dream.  A moment of clarity as it were, over a break beat.”
‘Breaks in the Clouds’ is available as a free download for a limited time at Tru Ruts’ Bandcamp.

<a href="http://truruts.bandcamp.com/album/breaks-in-the-clouds-volume-one-two-see-more-perspective">inspirational speakers by Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records</a>


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