Introducing BOOMBOX EMPORIUM; a new free download series

ladies, gentlemen and everything in between,

I've been workin' haaard in the studio this year! As you may have seen in my cryptic facebook status updates, there's a lot coming that I'm not advertising quite yet, or that's just starting to leak out.

The first in this series of surprises is a free download series called 'SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE'S Boombox Emporium'. We're kicking off this series as a thank you for the folks who support at shows, buy cd's, download new projects, share my work with their friends or even just check out my different pages from time to time and read my status rhymes and what have you. The first in this new series is a very special collaboration with up and coming Minneapolis producer Julian Fairbanks.

You can listen, download and share here:
<a href="">See More Perspective's Boombox Emporium by Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records</a>

The Boombox Emporium will continue as a monthly series of free downloads. October's is gonna be a lot fun, leading into one of my annual Halloween-themed projects. This year, I've collaborated with musician Dameun Strange to create ‘Strange Perspective and The Lost Souls Boys Choir in JAZZ FUNERAL’, which will be released October 26th on Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records. The release party for ‘JAZZ FUNERAL’ will be on October 30th (10pm), at Hell’s Kitchen with Strange Perspective, plus Mayda, Guante and more!

Artwork for the new free music series:


Artwork for the first track in the series, 'Maintain/Transcend':


This song was inspired by and written for students all over the US, (and the world, really) who struggle with the pressures and trappings of economic, educational and community neglect. I've taught you. I've learned from you. I've been you. The first step is to maintain. Once we get that, we've gotta transcend our environments. Bless.

Thanks and Love,



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