Midwest Road Dogg Trail Mix

Like Willy Nelson, I'm on the road again. I've got a big trip ahead of me. St. Paul to Indiana then Indiana to Vermont. Sumn like 24 hours total. I've had a lot of great road trips and have very fond memories of the people, places, mixtapes and landscapes along the way.

I've also enjoyed some great food and am a connoisseur of road snacks. Below is a very precise recipe for something known as a "Midwest road dogg trailmix". I actually just made that name up and I've only really done this once. Traveling does weird things to you.

1. Stop by a greasy spoon diner anywhere along the way.
2. Order what ever you but include some kind of sampler or share a bunch of deep fired food with your travel companions.
3. Take the leftovers in a doggie bag (an actual bag is best).
4. Shake, throw in the back seat for 1-3 hours.
5. Dig out doggie bag from mound if CDs, clothes items and promotional materials.
6. Enjoy in responsible moderation.


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