"Papa", For Fathers Day


Here's a song for fathers day in honor of the crazy men who raise or at least contributed to our genetic make up. For better or for worse, they contribute to who we are, and without them we wouldn't be here. Existing at all is a great opportunity, no matter what challenges we face. So, thanks Papa. You've given me everything. Even if at times it's been more than I'd care for. No regrets, just gratefulness.

My dad's story isn't always pleasant or fun to talk about, but it's his story and it's part of mine. This is a piece dealing with a lot of the darker shades of my family's history, with moments of great light. While his struggle continues, as does that of my family, I always look to the light and urge us all to grow beyond our history, make our lives our own and to find peace.

My Papa is hilarious, adventurous and a consummate smart ass. These are traights I'm proud to have taken from him. I sing this song as a sort of catharsis but also as a prayer for his powerful light and for my family as a whole. I also sing this in honor of him and in thanks for my life. Gracias, Papa.

Here's to all our Father's this Fathers' Day, and to all the sons and daughters who have the ability to take who their parents, forefathers and ancestors are and were, to the next level.

Thanks for reading, listening and thinking.


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