A Tale of My Time Traveling Cat

So, I'm not feeling well tonight. My body's prolly tellin' me to chill, and today was especially stressful...emotional, really. Bootsy Cat, my dear friend, copilot, and time traveling cat from the future, went missing and it was really hard on me. I feared she went back to the future and I was. not. Ready. I woke up and knew something was off. No meowing, no adorable head butts. I didn't trip, she does other things. She has her life. I poured her food, cooked and ate breakfast. She never sauntered in for her meal. Such stillness, such quiet, consumed me. Afterward with no sign of her whatsoever, I started freaking out a little, but told myself to chill. "Wait it out, big storms are scary, and when she's gotten scared in the past (pun intended---she's a time traveling cat from the future, do try and keep up) from a dog or something, she's found refuge in a nook or cranny. I looked around the house, got my roommate involved in a search but tried not to trip. Checked out the yard, called out; nothing. I was shook, but still hoped for the best. Got emotional. "I'm not ready to say goodbye". Felt like it was going to be ok, but the thought still scared me...Went to a meeting. Ran mantras all day. Set intention. Scared, yet calm, hopeful. Got home, called out, looked around; nothing. Looked in the closets, drawers, cabinets, under the couch, the whole deal; nothing. "My life will be totally different without her". But where could she have gone?? Doing the math of the previous evening, there was no way for her to have gotten outside. Defeated and exhausted, I felt like a nap was in order. Told myself I'd keep praying and wake up and everything would be ok. Fell asleep repeating a mantra. I woke up heart broken that she wasn't around...checked my phone. "how long was I asleep now? A minute? An hour?" Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door. It was my roommate. "Can I come in?" "Yeah", heart on the floor. He opened the door...with Bootsy in his arms!! He says, "she was just there, in the kitchen, eating her food."


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