A glimpse of new work: Nunnayoohazzeneekwull from JAWS OF LIFE

This is from a song I dedicate to you. To them. To all of us.

I’ve done my share of embarrassing things Been cold, rude, livin’ in some terrible dream Like the one where you shoutin’ but can’t hear when you scream Or the one where you’re runnin’ only draggin’ your limbs Yeah, like that but a real life scenario in My past, I gotta live with it when memory stings And no matter how justified it seems the arrogance is I’ll look back at every moment that I dared to be a dick and in the last I’ll be haunted. you’ll be there in the mix Barin’ witness to endless spring we barely sipped Carelessly flipped book pages that should nary be missed instead we merrily picked nits from the threads of care and the bliss And I’m not sayin’ we shouldn’t pick out the eggs of the lice just that we should take more care with this egg of this life cuz at the end of the night, we’ll be mendin’ insight reflected in edges of eyes ‘n’ wish we tended to light

From a song I finished yesterday that jumped off a hook I wrote like 7 years ago. I'm calling it 'Nunnayoohazzeneekwull'. Another beauty over a Serebellum One beat for the upcoming album JAWS OF LIFE that has been in the works for about two years. We're currently wrapping up post production and filling in the gaps as we lay out the track listing. This is one of the last few songs I'm writing to put the finishing touches on the ebb and flow, and over all vibe of the album. I can hardly wait for you to hear it. We're still plotting the release, but stay tuned for releas details, as we should have things figured out sometime in the next few months! We're hoping it will be a finished product by November, top to bottom, hard copies in hand, by by December as we continue to plot a release!

Check out the "prequels" to the JAWS OF LIFE album below, a series of seasonal EP's written for, about, and during each of the four seasons in Minnesota.






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