New Spoken Word Album title, artwork, tracklisting and some backstory

Edit: album release is shaping up to be this summer/early fall. Stay tuned. Homies,

You may have seen some cryptic and some not so cryptic messages regarding some good news, a new spoken word album and something about a grant. If you tirelessly follow my posts you may have pieced together that I received a VERVE grant from Intermedia Arts to create a new album of spoken word that I'm toting with me to Europe on...THURSDAY. haha.

You may also have read or listened to some poems that I've posted. Posts like this  and this. You can also read a little more about the grant  here.

Even after all of that, you may not know that I've put music to all of the poems. Music by yours truly. All kinds of percussion and home made sounds and effects and a couple of more (or less) traditional hip hop beats.

Around the beginning of October, I learned that I was awarded the grant. Since then, I have worked so hard to research subjects of my poems, imagine an arc for all the pieces record the vocals, post some of the work here and there and then finally, decided that I should probably put music behind ALL of the pieces...mostly over one weekend before handing in the project to the duplicators. There's no inspiration like a deadline :)

So after a couple of months of writing, researching, brainstorming and "musicifying", here's all the juicy details. Its probably my best work yet, spoken word, hip hop or otherwise. Its unlike anything you've heard from me and probably anyone else and I'm ecstatic with anticipation of you listening to this. Topics include John Henry, Dia de los Muertos, Zapata, Harriet Tubman, Thor, dreams, ghosts, Buddha, and the cosmos. Its fun.

The release date is loosely set for March-ish 2013. There will be a release party and hopefully an intimate listening party sometime in January.

The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes
Music and Spoken Word written, performed, recorded and engineered by

My Theory of Time and Space
The Definitive Telling of John Henry's Tale
Dream Sequence #4 (Misery Loves Company)
Until Ragnarok
Dream Sequence #5 (Buddhas of the Valley)
The Tiger of Morelos
Dream Sequence #3 (The Presence)
The Conductor
We Are Star Dust
The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes


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