New Song/Album Preview and the New Series of Boombox Emporium


 The new series of the Boombox Emporium is on and poppin'! It's the third installment of free music that comes once every month or two. I'm shooting for a song every month from here on out. It's been held up in the past with transitions from the old label and such (also tons of work within and without music; teaching, traveling, etc), so I'm looking forward to dropping new (and some old) tunes on you more consistently. Check out the the first two volumes HERE. All that music is free (for now) and it's REALLY EXCELLENT WORK. It illuminates some of the depth and variety of my work and I'm truly proud of every last song.

And here's the latest song, not only to be released, but to be CREATED by yours truly. I literally recorded this two nights ago and wrote it on the plane ride to Vermont a week ago. I put the finishing touches on it last night and here it is. It's the first leak from the new solo album I'm working on with super producer Serebellum One, who's worked with Twin Cities' Hip Hop luminaries Slug of Atmosphere, I Self Devine of Dynospectrum (as well as Rhymesayers Entertainment), Gene Poole (also of Dynospectrum and RSE fame), Unicus of Kanser and so many more.

The song has a bouncy, playful, golden era vibe to it and the lyrics are funny and sweet, rhythmically dense and expertly crafted. It's a nice appetizer for the full length which is just 3 songs short of completion. I don't want to get too much into it just yet, but this album is going to be something special, something sharp and something very different (nearly every song will boast a different vocal style, or two or three). For now, enjoy this new jam in the sun, at the office, or in the AC and devise how you can find someone who satisfies you to the core and vice versa. It's for my amazing partner on our two year anniversary. Please feel free to share it far and wide. Enjoy.


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