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Last fall I started a new free music series to offer various musical perspectives on what I do for the 2 or 3 fans I have out there (namely my mom, my brother and that girl from  that one show a while back). I thought it'd be fun to show people other sides of what I do, open up a glimpse of up coming projects and collaborations and to release tracks that have no home or are just itching to get out. It's all new and fresh off the press, but I might dig into some older work that was never released as well, from time to time, just for fun.

At any rate, I ended up taking a hiatus for a while, (and that's where the "new chapter" segment of this blog opens up). Not because I wasn't working on new stuff or didn't get around to posting new work, but because I've been in the process of finalizing my departure from local record label Tru Ruts. (?!) This is probably news to any of you who are familiar with me and TR, so let me speak to that for a sec, too. There was no major drama or anything, it's just that, as an independent artist and jack of all trades I felt like I needed to move on creatively and really get my own groove on. TR has offered me great learning opportunities and in some ways, really made some dreams come true for me. It's taken some time to finalize everything so I haven't talked much about it, but we've pretty much figured out the details and I'm goin' my own way, and not in that intense, anger-liberty/Fleetwood Mac sort of way. I'm just moving on and so are they. We're family and we'll continue to support one another and will always collaborate. You'll still be able to find all my releases with them on itunes and at www.truruts.bandcamp.com. Love.

So, that said, Here's a bunch of those tracks released through The Boom Box Emporium before working out the move from TR. I'll be continuing the monthly series soon, so watch out for more from the Boombox Emporium at www.seemoremusic.bandcamp.com soon!

"On the heels of his beat tape release, 'Breaks in the Clouds' (also at www.seemoremusic.bandcamp.com), producer See More Perspective returns this time as an emcee. Initiating a new free music download series, 'See More Perspective's Boombox Emporium', he collaborates with producer Julian Fairbanks, of Audio Perm, musical mastermind Dameun Strange, Guante and The Rube, and his brother Nye to bring you some far out, funky, fun and thoughtful music. A Twin Cities native with roots in Chicago, See More's music embodies the best of both cities. He has released a series of EPs, including 'First Impression' and 'Summertime Hip Hip BBQ Jam for the World', in addition to his beat tape concept album and his latest full length, the ambitious 'Architextual Design' (available now at www.truruts.bandcamp.com and iTUNES).

   Maintain Transcend (prod by Julian Fairbanks/Audio Perm) by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

   Jack's Lament by Strange Perspective by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

   Pyramids (Ganzobean Remix) by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

   Shotgun Soliloqy (ragga remix) by Wake The City, produced by The Rube by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE


   Nobody sleeps tonight by Strange Perspective by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

and here's an extra joint. An a cappella for the hell of it.

   Frank Lloyd Wright (in the fan accapella) by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE

Thanks for reading, listening and thinking.


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