Saturday's Forecast: DOOM

SO, a lot of folks think the world is ending...again. They even have paid advertising for it this time. I saw it off the train in DC this past weekend ("you mean the nations capitol has adds for Armageddon?" yes, not quite billboards). People are quitting their jobs and selling their homes. Shit is a little bonkers. What I'm really interested in though, is how are these individuals truly preparing themselves for the apocalypse besides judging and damning the rest of us on the way to the E.N.D.?

THE WORLD IS SICK. I'm not talking figuratively, spiritually or morally. Which it is, but that's a whole other thing. Our Earth is physically sick in a way that I'm not sure we've seen before, not all at once anyway and not at such frequency. I understand the concern. Everything must end. It's naive to think otherwise. Do I think the world is ending this weekend? no, but who knows? Not me and not any "" (By the way, that's .COM not .ORG).

GET OVER IT, move forward. What are these dreamers of living nightmare preaching to the masses that could possibly help anyone through the end times? Now I'm talking spiritually. What spiritual value does preaching death and despair have for so called believers in eternal life? What compassion is there in painting signs of hopelessness?

WHETHER OR NOT THE WORLD IS ENDING THIS WEEKEND OR EVER, OR HOWEVER, WHETHER IT'S THE LAST BATTLE  BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL, GIANT METEORS OR A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, WE HAVE A LOT OF CRAZY SHIT TO DEAL WITH BEFORE WE LEAVE as a human race and as individuals. The question is how are we living in the spaces we interact with? And what spiritual, intellectual or emotional impact are we having on the people around us? If energy can never be destroyed, what electromagnetic imprint are we leaving in the wake of our life experience?

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, where will you be when you go? Hugging your mom? Making your neighbor laugh? Masturbating on on the couch? playing video games? Regretting some bullshit argument? Smiling about how you've interacted with the world around you?

IN THE END, YOU MAY BE YOUR HARSHEST JUDGE. In what ways are you contributing to the world that you can be proud of when it all flashes before your eyes?


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