Hey folks, I wanted to share a few links with you and perhaps catch you up on some free music that I am immensely proud of. Take a listen and feel free to download this hard work (for free), and of course, share with anyone you think may dig it.

Here's the 3rd and latest track from my Boombox Emporium, a free monthly music series. Check out the two tracks from September and October, too. These are thoughtful, playful and carefully crafted tracks, not something thrown out to meet a quota of new material. Lot's more collabs and other goodies to come.


Next is my latest halloween music adventure. This is my first collaboration with Dameun strange as we unite to form "Strange Perspective". This is more Dia de los Muertos than Halloween and it jumps off of a Jazz Funeral concept. It's playful, smart and efficient.


check out our city pages interview here: http://www.citypages.com/2010-10-27/music/strange-perspective-united-by-ghostly-tales/

In addition, and in closing, the 'Architextual Design' campaign is on and poppin'. My full length solo debut is revving at the gates for a 11.30.10 release and a wonderful show 12.03.10. featuring MAYDA, GUANTE, FRESH SQUEEZE, HEIDI BARTON STINK and THE RUBE. I can't tell you how great this will be, because it truly is something you'll need to experience yourself. I t just won't be the same without you.

Thanks and Love,



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