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In the latest episode of the Boom Box Emporium, we offer another joint from an old Chicago group of mine. My man Insight and I as ESP...after all, that's what you get when you combine insight with seeing more perspective: extra sensory perception.

Back in the day, Insight and I were part of a crew called FREE SCHOOL. We put on shows called the Super Heroes of Sound and we wrote songs like crazy in a studio we considered a sort of "Danger Room" a la X MEN mythology... We did a lot of shows together and at one of those shows in a dark and dank Chicago basement bar, a man emerged from teh shadows with a gift: Beats. That man was Sonus and this is the only song we were able to put down before he disappeared, at least from our awareness. We never heard from him again.

I found this in the archives and was kind of blown away...This beat is just so unique and gorgeous. Lush and crisp and layered and changing and irresistible. I liked my flow, but after listening to it a couple times, I knew this piece deserved an update. So I tweaked the first verse ever so slightly, re-recorded it and wrote a whole new third verse. The hook is exactly the way it was, as is Insight's verse.


Thanks for listening.


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