New Video: 'Dude, Interrupted'


Over the past week, women across the country have shared stories of harassment and gender violence, and one of many important questions to come from that is "what is the responsibility of men to do something about it?" Because there is power in witnessing, in listening, and in critical self-reflection, but there are also limits to that power. At some point, men need to start holding one another accountable, in real, concrete ways, for their words and actions. "Dude, Interrupted" is not a five-point manifesto for how to do that. Rather, it's a snapshot of what that work can look like, in the moment, in real life. Taken from SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE'S "Sex Tape" album (an exploration of consent, healthy sexuality, and the importance of sex ed), the song models just how important it is for men to interrupt and disrupt sexism wherever and whenever it manifests-- even when it's uncomfortable, even when it doesn't "work" right away. These conversations-- about the connection between "small" thoughts/words/actions, and the larger realities of harassment, discrimination, rape culture, and violence-- are a crucial step in the process. Talk about it and be about it. We can all do so much better.

Listen to the full album, 'Sex Tape' and learn more at the SEE-site

A Tale of My Time Traveling Cat

So, I'm not feeling well tonight. My body's prolly tellin' me to chill, and today was especially stressful...emotional, really. Bootsy Cat, my dear friend, copilot, and time traveling cat from the future, went missing and it was really hard on me. I feared she went back to the future and I was. not. Ready. I woke up and knew something was off. No meowing, no adorable head butts. I didn't trip, she does other things. She has her life. I poured her food, cooked and ate breakfast. She never sauntered in for her meal. Such stillness, such quiet, consumed me. Afterward with no sign of her whatsoever, I started freaking out a little, but told myself to chill. "Wait it out, big storms are scary, and when she's gotten scared in the past (pun intended---she's a time traveling cat from the future, do try and keep up) from a dog or something, she's found refuge in a nook or cranny. I looked around the house, got my roommate involved in a search but tried not to trip. Checked out the yard, called out; nothing. I was shook, but still hoped for the best. Got emotional. "I'm not ready to say goodbye". Felt like it was going to be ok, but the thought still scared me...Went to a meeting. Ran mantras all day. Set intention. Scared, yet calm, hopeful. Got home, called out, looked around; nothing. Looked in the closets, drawers, cabinets, under the couch, the whole deal; nothing. "My life will be totally different without her". But where could she have gone?? Doing the math of the previous evening, there was no way for her to have gotten outside. Defeated and exhausted, I felt like a nap was in order. Told myself I'd keep praying and wake up and everything would be ok. Fell asleep repeating a mantra. I woke up heart broken that she wasn't around...checked my phone. "how long was I asleep now? A minute? An hour?" Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door. It was my roommate. "Can I come in?" "Yeah", heart on the floor. He opened the door...with Bootsy in his arms!! He says, "she was just there, in the kitchen, eating her food."

New Video/Project Celebrates Cult Hit Cartoon Samurai Jack

Download the EP here


In honor of the long awaited fifth season of Samurai Jack, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE and his brother Nye cooked up a video that puts SEE MORE in the Samurai Jack universe...where he seems to be right at home as the titular character of their forthcoming EP, ‘SEE MORE EYE JACK’. Exploring future wastelands and cityscapes full of “watch bots”, sci-fi updated “chupacabras”, and “chainsaw-handed, fire-eyed peace droids”, SEE MORE draws biting parallels between our world and the world of Samurai Jack, where the shape shifting master of darkness, Aku’s “evil is law”.

Coming off their last release SEXTAPE (Or My Response to Our Morbidly Underdeveloped Sex Education), this EP finds this producer/MC duo of Nye and SMP in top form, sharpening each other's talents with an array of sounds, styles, and storytelling. After creating a purple make-over of SEXTAPE, in honor of Prince, SEE MORE was honored with a Cedar Commission with cellist Eric Silva Brenneman. With that project, they blended elements of classical, hip hop, spoken word poetry, new mythologies and social allegories. It seems that some of those themes have followed SEE to this new project, where the action and sci-fi get turned up to epic, Samurai-Jack-like proportions.

'Sex Tape in Purple' is Here, a Musical Conversation with Prince

In honor of Prince, I humbly offer you 'Sex Tape in Purple', an overhaul of ‪'SEXTAPE'‬, rerecorded over Prince music and interviews. Available now for FREE. GIve it a listen and please feel free to share/re-post, etc., those tweets, likes, and shares go further than you think. As always, your support is appreciated!

The story behind the album: When Prince passed, I knew immediately that I’d need to create something to honor him. Not a cover, or a series of remixes, but something built off of his work somehow. In the days following his death, the rain came down as we all mourned, danced, and went digging into our memories and record collections. Along with the sun that followed, that rain brought purple flowers almost everywhere I went, even in the most random and unkempt places. On one occasion, as I pondered the poetry of the coincidence, driving away from a place where I had just seen such a patch of flowers, a friend and I needed to find a restroom. Where did we end up by pure chance and convenience? Prince Street. I had never even given the name of that street any attention, much less a second thought. Sure, these were innocent instances free of meaning other than what I was creating in my mourning.

The next day, on a beautiful sunny day that we all swore was the true beginning of spring, I went to pick up some records from storage. I haphazardly grabbed a stack of 45’s to bring back to the studio and I casually looked them over, having no idea what was in this particular stack, accumulated years ago. Among other things, I found the single for ‘When Doves Cry’, the first single released to promote the coming of ‘Purple Rain’ in 1984. Moved, I turned to my sister to show her what I had found with a frowny face. She asked me what the B-side was and I responded, “17 Days”, a song I was never familiar with (in fact, I had never even listened to this record, it was just one of the many cool records I found that patiently waited to find it’s time again)…that’s when she said, “Prince has been gone seventeen days”. I brought the record home, admittedly a little in my feelings, and dropped the needle on it, first thing. The chorus? “Let the rain come down, let the rain come down, let the rain come down, now”…the beginning of the second verse? “You’ve been gone seventeen days and seventeen long nights”, *as the gorgeous spring day* outside was transformed into a torrential downpour outside my window. That’s when I knew I had to create this album; a tribute to Prince, a collaboration with The Artist, a collection of remixes exploring themes of sexuality, media, art, and message; all set to the sounds of this great musician.

I should note just how vital sampling is to Hip Hop history, music, and culture. Not just as a means to create without access to more traditional instruments, but as a way to remake our selves, to add-to and retell our stories, and to build upon and pay homage to the work of those that came before us. In this way, art and artist are reborn again and again. This offering skews the context of its inspiration, allowing us to see it in a new light.

So here you have it, ‘Sex Tape in Purple’, in honor-of, admiration-for, and tribute-to our beloved, fallen artist. Listen for the conversation between the ideas, sounds and feelings of his work and my last album. Imagine a young boy dancing to those songs, and using them as a sort of trampoline to leap from and land at his album, ‘Sex Tape’, so many years later. In producing, recording, and writing (in the case of the bonus track), this really felt like collaboration. While I knew right away that I wanted to sample his work (and interviews), there were a few moments when I wasn't sure if this project was the right thing. I didn’t want to come off as opportunistic…and how could I possibly pay tribute to an artist of such a unique and singular caliber? As I embarked on the creation of this project, there were signs along the way that made me feel like this was actually...well, I’ll just say it all fell into place. I hope you enjoy it.


Visit the SEE-site for more awesomeness.

HUGE Announcement/Leak About My New Top Secret Project

via my instagram @mr_see: huge Announcement/leak on instagram, @mr_see!

'Land of the Sandpeople' Music Video; Produced by Nye, Featuring Guante

As promised…a little something to celebrate the coming of the new Star Wars.

Just in time for Episode 7, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE presents “Land of the Sandpeople”

While there’s no shortage of reference-dropping sci-fi-oriented rap out there, few MCs have been able to bridge an authentic love for geek culture with an authentic love for hip hop like SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE does on “Land of the Sandpeople.” Produced by Nye and featuring a guest verse from fellow hip hop vet Guante, the track samples the iconic music associated with the Tusken Raiders, creating a bone-snappingly percussive backdrop for See More and Guante to trade punchlines that would be venomous with or without the Star Wars references.

HUGE shout out to my brother Daniel Rangel aka, "Nye" for producing the music and the video!

Introducing 'Juan Cholo and The New Millennium'

Photo Credit: Ganzobean aka Ganzogram.

Having just arrived through a vibrational lens in an undiscovered Mayan temple, Juan Cholo and The New Millennium offer a blinding array of multiversal boom bap. They bring light for the ears, sound for the touch, and flavor for the spirit. This lyrical death blossom of funk-driven, electro-fused, and battle tested hip hop is here to jump start the infinite potential of your heartbeat. With an established  core of artists who've worked with the likes of Rhymesayers, Guante, Dessa, and their brothers from another universe; Moors Blackmon, these cats bring the best out of each other to create the crystal for the lightsaber of your sound system. Featuring Kahlil Brewington on drums, Ganzobean on sampling/synth duties, and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE on vocals, this powerhouse trio builds a laser-sharp-something larger than the sum of its parts to take your listening experience to light speed. Hold on to something. 

I put the band together (thanks to encouragement from Kevin Haebeom Vollmers), and even I didn't know what to expect, or how this group would click. All I can say is...YO. Come see us.

Catch our first performance December 19th at The Cedar for Rock4Love Battle of the Bands.